Winter's Vale

Dawn of Adventure

Recollections of Faust Dalyen
Date unknown
We Red Cloak volunteers have been summoned to meet with Valhen our captain at The Boar Laid Bare again but this time something seems to have him on edge. There are two things bothering him at the moment, An orc of some renown, Orkat by name, has come back to the vale and a mysterious figure in the garb of a myrkulite has shown up in Asbravn. Valhen seems very displeased by both of these and has tasked us with dealing with them while he attends a family wedding in Iriabor. In the two months I have been with the Red Cloaks he has never mentioned his family before, but those are questions for another night I fear. With are tasks before us we decide to investigate the mysterious wanderer first since he is supposed to be very near or in town. After questioning some farmers we find out he was digging up some bones in the area and has gone into town. From the few descriptions we get of him we confirm that he is more than likely a worshiper of Myrkul, god of the dead. After some time we discover that he is staying at the thin sisters establishment in town and so go to find out what his purpose is in Asbravn. Once we arrive we are denied entrance, but Elwyd the Paladin manages to talk her way into a meeting with the man. While she goes upstairs, we see a very regal high elf come down the stairs, but do not interact with him, we later find out that he is Verlain, Valhen’s half brother. Elwyd comes back, somewhat shaken after her meeting, saying that he plans to leave town this night and so we decide to escort him out while we ourselves take up the hunt for the ever elusive Orkat.



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