Winter's Vale

Journey into Scornubel

Recollections of Faust Dalyen
November 19th, 2010
As we traveled the midnight road away from Kren, the Denerian scribe, Vimak, Galadan, and Faust saw a lone merchant being surrounded on the road to which we valiantly galloped forth to assist. It took mere seconds for bloodshed to begin and we began fighting against a warlock of demonic powers. Once he was slain his minions ran into the night, it probably won’t be the last time we see them… As we approached the wagon we realized that the traveler was no merchant but rather a priest of Selune, goddess of the moon and night sky, and that he was also bound for Scornubel. He introduced himself as Arluin and offered us respite in his empty temple to his goddess. As we entered into Scornubel we were greeted by a variety and strange people and creatures ranging from duergar to illithids, which made us realize the importance of a safe place to stay. Once in the city we went to the market to restock on potions and gear for the road and then split ways. Vimak went searching for ‘picker’, a dwarf of some repute who knows of runes, Faust went in search of information, and Galadan searched for redemption amongst the Lathandarites.
Vimak Found the dwarf who turned out to be Vergess, lost cousin of Schjorn and sent him on the trail to Hluthvar were he was last seen.

Faust encountered Orin, who is an ex flaming fist turned black talon, and ended up fighting a man intent on killing Orin. Faust is now on the run with Orin hoping to evade the monks brother.

Galadan has begun the rights which will convert him to lathander’s grace and is performing a ritual in which the sun will cleanse his past.



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