Vimak Joorut

"Adept" Helmite Rune priest of the order of Watchers, Goliath male from Narfell


At 7’4" and 300 lbs. Vimak is hard to miss. He has blue eyes and black hair cut short. His skin is gray with darker gray patches. He is a giant among men. Always alert and watching. Wearing a suit of Plate-mail covered by a Dark gray tabard. A Symbol of Helm (a upright right full plate gauntlet with a open Blue Eye outlined in gray on the back)worn around his neck on a chain, and a Cloak of fine quality, Red in color with a large symbol of Helm in it center (a upright left full plate gauntlet with an open Blue Eye outlined in gray in the palm). He also wears full plate Gauntlets and a open faced full plate Helm. All the armor is clean and shines like chrome. He carries a gigantic Hammer known as a Maul. A weapon of master-worked quality, nicknamed “The Imprinter”, forged in “The Hold”, a dwarven city in Narfell. It bears Helm’s holy runic symbol of protection on one face, and Helm’s runic symbol of destruction on the other. At the end of it’s shaft is a Blue Topaz gem set into the handle.


I was born & raised in the clan “Gelon”. Gelon is a barbarian tribe in northern Narfell. The clan resides in the Giantspire Mountains near the shores of the Icelace Lake. The climate here is harsh, short summers were the temperatures are mild. Directly to the winters were the snowfall makes travel impossible.
During the summer of my 18th year, clan Gelon was attacked by cabal of Bane, seeking the aid of Giants. My clan was wiped out, including my parents, Mortarion & Raisa Joorut. I was saved by a Paladin of Helm, Talhearn Vivar. He was traveling the mountain trails looking for a lost artifact from a long ago Paladin of Torm. He took me in his travels, were I started to learn the Dogma of Helm.
We traveled to “The Hold”, a dwarven settlement. While at the Hold, I stumbled across some Runes of Mordian. I felt the power in the mystical runes & studied them, during my 1 year stay at the Hold. I persuaded Talhearn to take me the temple of Helm in Jiyyd in search of the runes of Helm. During my 5 year stay in Jiyyd, I learned the duties of the Helmites. I helped bolster the Everwatch Knights which helped the Jiyyd garrison in the defense of the village.
On my 25th birthday, I left the temple & traveled to “the Hold” to have my Maul forged by the dwarven craftsman Sudoc Tankard. The Maul has the Helm Runes of Protection & Destruction on its faces. I then started my travel to Elturel & the Shield Hall fortress of Helm, home of the Hellriders. I seek an audience with High Lord Dhelt in the High Hall. I would like to have permission to search the Shield Hall for any Runes that may be present from Helm or his followers past.

Vimak Joorut

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