Turanarb's Tome of the Forge

  • Practiced Study
  • Heroic Tier Prerequisite:
  • Non-weapon Proficiency: Weapon smithing
  • Skill: History
  • Intelligence 12
    Benefit: You can master & perform martial practices.
    You learn:
    Forge Weapon
    Component Cost: See Table
    Market Price: 175 gp
    Key Skill: Athletics (no check) Level: 4
    Category: Martial Practice
    Time: 1 day
    Duration: Permanent
    You construct a magic weapon. Your level determines the highest enchantment bonus the weapon can have (see the table). You can create only a magic weapon. You can also make the weapon silvered while you perform this practice by paying the normal price. The component cost is equal to the magic weapon you create.

Weapon Created Minimum Level Component Cost +1 magic weapon 4th 360gp,
+2 magic weapon 6th 1,800gp
+3 magic weapon 11thh 9,000gp
+4 magic weapon 16th 45,000gp
+5 magic weapon 21st 225,000gp
+6 magic weapon 26th 1,125,000gp


Using ancient crafting techniques, you forge a weapon of such artfulness that it becomes enchanted.

Turanarb's Tome of the Forge

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