The Winter Vale is the record of the fall of Asbravn and its domination by harsh weather and vast undead by the cruel combination of a druidic artifact and a driven necromancer. The resulting annilation of the largest producer of food within the Sunset Vale throws the surrounding river communities into a struggle to feed their populations. This struggle stretches along the Chionthar both east and west as the Vale slides into a depression that forces the nearby Heartlands to fill the beggar’s hand or bear the raider’s sword.

Winter Vale is a return to the Western Heartlands for some players and a welcome to the Realms for others. Contributions to the beautifully wrought Forgotten Realms are always appreciated in this campaign and will be matched by the Dungeon Master with interest and zeal to tell a story worthy of heroes and song.

Your past two weeks as a volunteer militia member of the Riders in Red Cloaks of Asbravn have been lucrative and yet mundane. With some coin in your pocket you begin to consider the choices that lead you to the Sunset Vale and the decisions that may soon lead you away. The brief daydream is broken, however, as your platoon captain summons you to report and receive orders.

In usual fashion, though, the summons begin with drink at the Tankard and Sheaf. This custom of brotherhood has made your most recent employment with the Cloaks both pleasant and rewarding. This time, however, your instructions are not to conduct a simple tour of Randel’s acres of farm or to serve as warden along the well-travelled Uldoon trail.

The snow that began unseasonably early a few days ago has shown no sign of relenting. Valhen is visibly concerned, a characteristic your faithful and steadfast captain has never been known to show. As you notice that he hasn’t lifted his ale, Vahlen’s clear and melancholy words pierce the tanquility of your gathering: "Raiders have downed three caravans in the north, stealing food, but leaving no dead. They are orcish by description, yet each is led by a lettered warrior, who bears animal skins and votive totems. I fear that Orkat has returned to the Vale…"

Winter's Vale

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